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For over 30 years the Dura mission has been to help you create and maintain more attractive environments for your employees, clients, and guests for years to come.


200+ Solutions

2,500+ Customers Served

Nationwide Service

30+ Years Experience

Specializing in the innovation of indoor & outdoor solutions, Bicycle Parking has introduced products to the market that lead the market in both form and functionality. Allowing commercial and public sector clients to provider a rider friendly experience at industry leading value.

Lion Outdoor stands as an industry leader in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of site furnishing. Focusing on simple and intuitive solutions without sacrificing form or function. Serving clients across sectors provide lasting value and utility to their facilities. 

DuraCore has been designing, manufacturing, and installing their industry leading products for more than three decades as one of the industry leaders in bicycle security. With a focus on long-term durability and a passion for security, craftsmanship, and quality. Their cutting-edge solutions may be found boosting campuses, towns, transit systems, and business parks across the United States and Canada.

Discover top-rated storage solutions, premium epoxy flooring, and an array of additional offerings to elevate your space. Proudly Serving Sacramento, CA Get a Quote Your One-Stop Shop Garage flooring, shelving, cabinets, closets & more Local Industry Experts Sacramento, CA Advanced Garage System Your local dealer Built for Families From sporty families to car fanatics…

From bicycle parking and gear storage, showers and change rooms, to office floors and meeting spaces. Forward-thinking businesses and commercial properties across the globe come to us to help them inspire and retain the best people by redefining their office experience.

 As a leader in site furnishing installation, Marfield Specialties steps in when great ideas require expert execution. For decades campuses, businesses & cities alike nationwide continuously partner with Marfield to enhance their shared spaces, building upon their form and function.



University of California Riverside

As part of their efforts to continuously improve the campus experience for their students UC Riverside turned to Dura Products Group.  Joining a team of service providers to revitalize outdoor campus areas and construct completely new features.

Hanover Diridon

With an increasing number tenants utilizing bicycles, maximizing the storage capabilities is paramount for the Hanover Diridon luxury apartment complex . Their bike room solution began with the patented UX21 two-tier bike rack as a high density storage solution in combination with addition vertical bicycle storage and on-site repair station. Resulting in an convenient and efficient amenity.

City of Vallejo

As the city of Vallejo CA works to incentivize the the growth of commuters who utilize both bicycle and bus transportation a need for additional secure storage and parking solutions became evident. Dura Products Group furnished a combined solution industry leading Dura Bike Lockers and traditional U-Style bicycle racks to maximize the space available. Leading to a more bicycle friendly downtown. 

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